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| Cornea Clinic |

The cornea is the outermost transparent surface of our eye. Corneal infections and surface disorders are taken care of very well at Leela Eye Institute in Kalyan. This is thanks to the availability of special cornea diagnostic equipments and the expertise of our Cornea Specialist Dr Abhijit Wadekar.

Corneal Treatments available:

Dr Wadekar treats all types of corneal diseases like corneal inflammation (keratitis), contact lens related eye problems, corneal bulging and weakening (keratoconus), corneal dystrophies, corneal ulcers etc.

Medical as well as surgical treatment solutions are available for all corneal eye diseases. Corneal opacities can be treated by performing a Cornea transplant procedure that can restore vision. 

Dr. Abhijit Wadekar
Dr. Abhijit Wadekar completed his
M.B.B.S at Lokmanya Tilak Muncipal Medical College,
Sion in Jan 1997. He was selected for
M.S. in opthalmology

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