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The modern advanced ALCON Legacy Phacoemulsifier helps in performing minimal stress cataract surgeries. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. No injection, stitch or patching is required and patient can resume routine activity from next day itself.
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Before your Eye Surgery: Thank you for choosing Leela Eye Institute for your eye surgery. The information given below will explain you the events on the day of surgery. Use medication as advised and for as long specified by the doctor. Correct use of medication can dramatically increase the success rate of treatment. Not taking medication or changing your regimen without consulting your doctor can lead to ineffective treatment and in some cases even visual loss.
General Eye Care Wash your face and eyes daily with water. Do not rub your eyes excessively if a foreign particle goes in the eye. Try to look in mirror and locate it. If it still continues to prick try to wash your eyes with water. If the problem persists consult an ophthalmologist. In case of an eye injury consult your ophthalmologist immediately. Do not rub your eye or put any over the counter medication. In case of an acid or alkali injury immediately was your eyes with copious amount of water. Do not put any medication unless you show to an ophthalmologist and are advised accordingly.

Risk Factors for Eye Diseases:
  • Diabetes mellitus:
    Causes early cataract, squint and retinal haemorrhages and swelling.
  • High Blood pressure and raised lipid profile: Causes retinal swelling in extreme cases and increases the risk of macular degeneration.
  • Smoking:
    times increase in risk of cataract and macular degeneration.
  • Alcohol:
    Frequent consumption increases risk of cataract and precipitate angle closure glaucoma.

Eye Care for Children:

Normal visual development requires the brain to receive equally clear, focused images from both eyes simultaneously for the visual pathways to develop properly. Any problem in the vision pathway can lead to low vision in either one or both eyes. An early timely detection of the problem can help in rectifying or reducing the low vision or ocular abnormality.

Vision screening and eye examination are vital for the detection of conditions that distort or suppress the normal visual image, which may lead to inadequate school performance or, even worse, blindness in children.

Examination of the eyes can be performed at any age, beginning in the newborn period, and should be performed for a child at the earliest age that is practical, because a small child rarely complains that one eye is not seeing properly.

Retinal abnormalities, cataracts, glaucoma, retinoblastoma [eye tumor], eye muscle imbalances, and systemic disease with ocular manifestations may all be identified by careful examination. An examination would include

an external inspection of the eyes, tests for visual acuity on an age-appropriate basis, tests for ocular muscle movement and eye muscle imbalances and ophthalmoscopic examination

The Examination
Thanks for choosing Leela Eye Institute, one of the best eye hospitals in Kalyan and Thane for your eye care. Please take a prior appointment before consultation. On your arrival at LEI, register your appointment at the reception. The reception then will enter your personal details and your complaints in brief on the computer. Next you will be examined by the optometrist or assistant Doctor for your refraction, eye pressure measurement and external eye examination. You will be then asked to wait in the reception and dilating drops will be instilled in your eyes. It takes 30-40 minutes for the drops to act. Your vision for near will become blur for next 4 – 6 hours. You can refuse this dilated examination if you have any prior commitment or if you have to drive a vehicle in next few hours. You will be then examined by the consultant in his chamber. He will explain you your problem and will advise you accordingly. Please feel free to ask any questions. A printed examination
Dr. Abhijit Wadekar
Dr. Abhijit Wadekar completed his
M.B.B.S at Lokmanya Tilak Muncipal Medical College,
Sion in Jan 1997. He was selected for
M.S. in opthalmology

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